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About Us

From Triathlons to Dog shows, medals are presented to people for their exemplary achievements, and that's where we come in!  No longer do you have to hide your hard earned medals in a draw or hang those medals over a door handle.  With our unique, custom designed medal displays and hangers, you can proudly display them in any room of your home.  Medal hangers and displays allow you to hanger from 1 to 100 of your hard earned medals in an area of your home for all to see.

We have designed medal holders for all sports and events.  From custom medal holders to standardized medal holders.  We are located in Vancouver British Columbia and our full design and production team are right here in Vancouver.

Since our business was started due to our passion of competing in triathlons, and having no where to display our achievements, it became necessary to find a solution and that's why Elite Medal Displays was formed.